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Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands represent the South Pacific of dreams - as beautiful below as it is above. For travellers with a passion for adventure and exploration, the Solomon Islands are where they can make the first footprints on an isolated stretch of beach and marvel at pristine sandy beaches, butterflies as big as birds, rare orchids, and submarine volcanoes. There are cultural treasures to visit and luxurious resorts for relaxation. The people of the Solomon Islands are some of the friendliest in the world and can still be seen practicing the ancient art of shark calling. The Islands offer unsurpassed snorkelling and diving, and impressive remnants of a tragic war have been maintained to this day. Other attractions include the cultural center of Honiara, the photogenic Auki, the proposed World Heritage sight Marovo Lagoon, and spectacular double-sided Mataniko Falls. With lush rainforests, unspoiled traditional villages, prolific marine life, and ancient harmonies, the Solomon Islands are truly a sight to behold.