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Tonga Islands

Tongatapu is the largest island in the Kingdom of Tonga and home to the nation's capital Nuku'alofa. Nuku'alofa's white Victorian Royal Palace symbolises the Kingdom of Tonga. For insight into Tonga's culture, visit the Tongan National Center. The Tongan Wildlife Center is home to rare and interesting birds found in Tonga. Outside of the capital are the blowholes at Houma. The island of Eua is visible from the south-east coast. There are many beaches. Kolovai Beach and Ha'atafu Beach are on the peninsula in the island's north-west. The Ha'apai Group of islands in the Kingdom of Tonga are situated between the main island of Tongatapu and the Vav'au group further north. For the independent traveller who seeks to go back in time, enjoys walking, warmth and sunshine, likes riding a horse, going fishing, getting to know local people and is searching for peace, quietness and tranquility, then a visit to Ha'apai Islands will be a rewarding experience.